Employee Spotlight: Morgan Fisher joins APS Customer Service Team


May 06, 2021


Helping property managers with gate emergencies

A stuck gate is always a top priority for property managers, especially with residents needing to get in and out of their properties. Enter Morgan Fisher on the Customer Service team at Access Professional Systems (APS). Morgan spends time helping out property managers with gate emergencies. She’s such a help to clients, that she won the most reviews from clients after only being on the team for six months!

Morgan spends a lot of time helping when a gate is stuck open or closed, which is always a time sensitive issue. She says “I like being the go-to person when implementing new programs. I was trusted to learn and teach new items to my fellow colleagues.”

As part of the customer service team, Morgan spends a lot of her time on the phone emailing to solve problems. “I dispatch our technicians to service calls. On average I organize about 12-14 service calls a day. My goal is to get technicians out there the same day. Sometimes that’s harder when it rains. It’s about finding if there are any openings, if it’s later in the day and there are not, we get it scheduled first thing the next morning. We do a good job on getting them out same day.”

“My number one goal is to make people happy. The first thing is to let the customer know and reassure them will have a technician come out. Then we need to diagnose the problem and get to the bottom of it and fix it in a timely fashion.” She’s modest about her accomplishments, but there are so many glowing reviews, we are thrilled with how much value she brings to the team and our clients.

When asked why she picked APS over other positions, she said: “I chose APS due to the office staff and the atmosphere of the company. My husband is very supportive of my commitment to my job and is happy for me finding a company that I can grow with and enjoy” says Morgan.

We are all really happy to have welcomed Morgan to the team, and our clients are too! We’re excited for her grow along with our clients.

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