Guide To Automatic Security Gate Systems


September 02, 2021

Whether commercial or residential, securing your property is key to protecting your safety and belongings. If you lack effective security measures, then you will make yourself and your property vulnerable.

Effective security measures include cameras and locks, as well as increased security like automatic security gate systems. Today we will look at:

  • What are automatic security gate systems?
  • The different types.
  • Industries that use automatic security gate systems.
  • Their benefits.

APS_Driveway Gate

What Are Automatic Security Gate Systems?

An automatic security gate system can be left unmanned. It will protect your property all day long while vehicles enter and exit, as well as control access to a secure area. They are created with crash-beam and anti-ram detectors that sense nearby movement. These detectors allow the gate system to be automatic and not require physical manning.

 Instead of relying on security guards, these can do the job for you. They control vehicular access to ensure that anyone entering the property is authorized, safe, and secure.

Different Types of Automatic Security Gate Systems

There are several different types of automatic security gate systems to suit different property needs and designs. The most common and effective to choose from include:

Overhead gates

Overhead gates are common for properties and spaces that have height restrictions, especially for underground parking garages. These can assist with small or large projects.

They can withstand pressure and stress, whereas some less durable gates cannot. This makes the overhead automatic gate ideal for high activity areas that require the gate to move often.

Swing gates

Swing gates are best for smaller entry and exit points on a property. These gates are normally made of wrought iron and paired with an automatic operator (or motor), and controlled by either a gate opener or one of the many forms of telephone entry or access control systems.

Slide gates

Slide gates are the smoothest of them all. They include counter-balance motion, which allows them to slide smoothly across a track as they open and close. These have a reduced chance of colliding with vehicles if they pass through slowly as the sensor will be closer to the vehicle. The sensor will detect movement or a stationary vehicle sooner than a gate that swings up and down.

Slide gates are more efficient for larger entrances and exit points as they can cover a wider area. As the entire gate slides to reveal an entry or exit path, space on either side of the driveway needs to be wide enough to accommodate the gate retracting.

All gates offer automation, access control (if you add additional features), video surveillance, and parking technology.

As well as there being several different types of automatic security gate systems to choose from, there are also a few different features that you may want to add to heighten security. These include:

Although these features are not required, they can increase the security of your property. Each of these additional systems can be programmed for visitors entering without an opener and be removed when they’re no longer needed to be saved in the entry system’s database. In either scenario, additional local or cloud-based infrastructure may be required to ensure the gate opens from the telephone entry or access control system.

Industries That Use Automatic Security Gate Systems and Their Benefits

Automatic security gate systems are beneficial for several industries. Regardless of your industry or property design, there is something suitable and ideal for every solution and need. Common industries that use automatic security gate systems are airports, energy facilities, government facilities, and HOAs. This is to reduce the amount of staff needed to handle the areas and also to increase convenience.


Seeing as many airports operate around the clock, automatic gates allow them to run smoothly and efficiently around the clock.

Airports require added security and need to shut down their operations immediately in the face of a sudden threat. Automatic gates are ideal for their responsiveness and their ability to withstand impact.

Energy Facilities

All energy and utility industries require protection and security around the clock since they typically operate all hours of the day and night. Automatic gates are reliable and dependable if someone needs access during the night or early hours of the morning.

As vehicles are often in and out of energy facilities all day long, automatic gates such as All-O-Matic Automatic Gates add convenience to the working environment. They can let large vehicles in and out and ensure that they are safe with video surveillance and double step access.

Government Facilities

Government buildings need 24/7 protection from threats and adverse weather conditions. They contain important documents and data that cannot afford to be left unprotected and vulnerable. Automatic security gate systems, such as LiftMaster, can heighten security and be custom-fit to any situation.


Because many homeowner associations (HOAs) prefer to add security to their communities, swinging or sliding gates are installed at vehicular entry and exit points. Many HOAs, ultimately, use swinging gates as space is often a premium where sliding gates require more space.

How To Choose An Automatic Security Gate System?

Finding the best automatic security gate system can be a challenge. There are several companies out there that are offering them, but not all of them are effective or durable. You should always do your research and look for companies with experience, expertise, and quality products. At Access Professionals, we offer tested and durable solutions for you to protect your property all day, every day. If you need any further help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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