How to Prevent Theft in Arizona Warehouses


January 22, 2023

Warehouses are one of the most common locations for thefts to occur. This is especially true when criminals know that there is a high inventory level or an easy way to get into the building. While there are many ways to prevent theft in Arizona warehouses, choosing which methods are right for your business can be challenging. Here are theft prevention tips to ensure the safety and security of your assets while keeping your operations running smoothly: 

Install a Video Surveillance System 

When protecting your business from theft or intrusion, a good rule of thumb is that if you can’t see it, you can’t defend it. The first step in securing your property is to install a video surveillance system to monitor your premise. Placing cameras in high-traffic areas such as the exterior of your warehouse, at entry and exit points, and in sensitive spaces can help you prevent and deter crime and hold people accountable.  

Any physical barrier between your warehousing facility and the outside world should be equipped with sensors that alert you when someone approaches. Although this helps keep out burglars and trespassers, it’s not enough to prevent theft from within. 

Security Gates and Gate Automation 

A secure door is one of the most important parts of your warehouse security system. By installing parking access control solutions, automatic slide gates, or commercial doors by Access Professional Systems, you can protect your assets while maintaining operational efficiency. As your facility’s main entry and exit point, you’ll want to ensure these areas are monitored with video surveillance and protected with gate automation solutions. If you need help deciding which commercial door is best for your property, contact us for a consultation today! 

Alarm Systems 

Alarm systems can also monitor the interior of your warehouse, especially if you’re storing valuable or easily stolen items. The alarm can be set up to monitor doors, windows, and other entry points. It’s also helpful to have an alarm system installed around the perimeter of your building so that when someone tries to break in, you’ll know it immediately. 

Do a Background Check 

While not every theft happens at the hands of a staff member, it’s important to note that your employees are the ones who know the inner workings of your business. They may know where you keep all your valuables or have access to the equipment needed for any heists. 

A background check is a great way to ensure that potential hires are reliable and trustworthy. You can do this in-house or by a third party; either way, ensure all records are updated regularly, so you’re aware of changes in an employee’s circumstances.  

Track Inventory 

If you want to prevent theft in your warehouse, you must have an inventory tracking system. This means having an ongoing record that tracks each item’s location, date, and time. You also need to have information about what types of materials are stored in each place. 

Access Control Systems 

The type of access control you use depends on what works best for your business. Installing a key fob or RFID reader at your entry and exit points may be enough to secure your valuables. Alternatively, you could use biometric fingerprint scanners or facial recognition software at key entrances and exits—these are often called “smart locks” because they integrate related technologies into traditional locking mechanisms. 

For the best access control solutions in Arizona, look no further than Access Professional Systems. Our team of expert technicians can install, maintain, and service industry-leading access control systems to protect your people, property, and business. We also specialize in designing and integrating custom security system solutions for unique business needs. Contact us today to learn more! 

Optimize Your Warehouse Security: The APS Way 

Your needs, the value/risk of your assets, your location, and the type of business you run should be considered when choosing the right security solution for your warehouse or facility. Almost all manufacturing and logistics businesses can benefit from security systems to protect their perimeters. It’s important to remember the true cost of theft is more than just goods stolen. It’s also the time and productivity wasted by trying to resolve issues. Security systems also keep your employees safe, giving them peace of mind and making for a more productive workplace. 

Why Choose Access Professional Systems? 

Access Professional Systems has been securing properties and communities for over 45 years. Our commitment to providing our customers with customized solutions with quality service means we’ll work with you to develop a security system tailored to your needs regardless of your company’s size or budget. For the best security solutions company in Arizona, look no further than Access Professionals. 

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