New Smartphone App Opens Community Gates with a Simple Tap


May 07, 2021


Inugo offers first smartphone end-to-end parking access solution, and APS will sell, install and service it.

Property managers, HOAs and residents are the latest to benefit from new smartphone technology to open community gates with a simple tap on your phone. Inugo is the technology behind this timesaver for residents and management alike, and Access Professional Systems (APS) is now a licensed reseller in Southern California.

Smartphone Gate Entry

With almost everyone carrying a smartphone these days, it makes sense that drivers want to open their gate from their phone. APS has repeatedly had requests for this exact type of technology for years, and now it has arrived. Inugo is ubiquitous, working on any electrically operated gate or rolling door. Once installed, the gate or door is connected to the cloud and allows access via individual smart phones.

Gone are the days of buying expensive gate openers, lost gate openers, dead gate opener batteries, and rolling down the window to input codes or scan a fob to open gates. Residents can use Inugo to quickly open a gate, right from their cell phones. Drivers enter the parking area simply by tapping the entry button in the Inugo App. And yes, it’s available on both iOS and Android phones.

Benefits for Property Managers, HOAs and Management

Inguo is a great tool for management too. In a nutshell, this app offers parkers a faster, more convenient way to access a gated community. It can open any gate, regardless of existing equipment. There are no proximity cards and all the hassle they bring. It reduces admin time as no issuing/reissuing proximity cards. It offers simple admin through the cloud. Plus, it allows for better management of a parking area by knowing who is parking in it and when. Another major benefit is improved security as no one is sharing proximity cards, and it offers much better control over visitors, contractors and staff. Truly a win-win for all.

Why Communities Need Inugo

This new solution revolutionizes access control, eliminating the need for proximity cards, RFID, paper tickets and other outdated access solutions. Because Inugo will work on any kind of electric gate hardware, it can bring together all parking access under a single online portal for easy administration. APS, with its 41-year track record of successfully installing the best and latest in access control, is ready to bring your community gates into the 21st century. APS sells, installs and services Inugo Intelligent Gate Controllers and the Inugo Cloud Platform across San Diego, Orange and LA counties.

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