Stay Safe with Touch-Free Security Control in the Age of Covid-19


April 08, 2022

In the age of Covid-19, it’s more important than ever to take precautions in staying healthy. One way business owners and property managers can do this is by installing touch-free security control systems. These systems provide a layer of security that helps keep you and your employees safe from the germs and viruses that circulate and otherwise would require constant wipe-downs and disinfecting after every use. If you’ve got high traffic points of access control, this especially can be tough to maintain.

When talking about touch-free, that usually means including mobile phone and remote access as solutions, too! While unique to each other in practice, they both are excellent in reducing risky contact in close proximity to their users.

Thankfully, not only are their practical measures to take in light of the pandemic, but they are also cost-effective and easily implementable investments that can help protect your business in the long run. 

If you’re interested in learning more about touch-free security control systems, read on! We at Access Professional Systems will give you some ideas on how you can make your business a safe AND secure place! 


Like with any investment, you want to ensure the best odds for a healthy return on the money and effort spent. Think about the following factors when deciding the scope of your needs:

  • Where do you have the most traffic that involves touchpoints like door handles or fingerprint identification
  • What access points have the most risk for germ spreading and cause for concern
  • What specific purpose does each of these access points serve
  • How precise and multi-factored does the access approval need to be

Maybe there are lots of access points and types for you to consider. Talk with access control companies like Access Professional Systems to help figure out what your needs are.


These days, there are lots of system options to choose from under two primary categories:

  • Minimize surface touching with keyless entry via proximity cards, FOBs, biometrics or even your smartphone as your credential for entry and access
  • Keep guests safe and distanced with self-service garage entry and exit via entry ticket machines, exit verification machines, pay on foot stations, and License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Go fully digital with mobile parking platforms for parking to be handled simply through the guest’s own smartphone

Unlock doors touch-free with Keyless Entry

APS installs and integrates keyless entry for all applications. Keyless systems can use

  • Proximity cards – Also known as access cards, this device works to wirelessly unlock doors to a corresponding secured area.
  • FOBs – Key FOB systems grant access to authorized holders. They are a very popular choice.
  • Biometrics – In this case, body measurements and features are used to identify and verify the person seeking access. While fingerprinting is the most common form, other options such as retina scans or facial scans are also on the market.
  • Even your smartphone – Use your smartphone as a key to your office! Think of it like how ApplePay on a phone works.

Control Garage Access with Self-Service Solutions

Between their ease of integration to third-party systems, low maintenance costs, and fastest transaction processing times, Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) are real-time self-service parking systems for transient and credentialed customers. PARCS automates the entry, exit, and payment of all customers accessing a parking facility so that no germs need be passed around to securely park at a property!

Entry Ticket Machines

Entry ticket machines are in-lane automated kiosks installed at each entry lane to a parking facility. The automated kiosk can be used to dispense a ticket or token showing time of entry or allow frequent visitors to scan in to enter.

Exit Verification Machines

Exit verification machines are automated kiosks located in each exit lane of a parking facility. At the exit kiosk, drivers can pay for parking, scan a credential card or insert a dispensed ticket proving that the driver has paid. The kiosk automatically verifies payment or driver credentials and raises a barrier gate to allow exit.

Pay on Foot Stations

Pay on foot stations allow customers to pay their parking fee at a walk-up kiosk before going to their vehicle and exiting the parking facility. Pay on foot kiosks help speed up the payment process at the Exit verification Machines.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

LPR systems automatically identify the license plate of any vehicle. LPR is used for parking management, inventory and revenue control, security monitoring, and automated access control. LPR can be applied as standalone security solutions or integrated with our PARCS, PGS, and Gate Automation solutions.

Smartly Manage Parking with Smartphones

The Inugo smartphone parking app lets parkers find, access, and pay for parking from their phone. Its advantages go far beyond just keeping surfaces clean and your building’s visitors healthy!

Benefits for Parking Providers:

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing parking systems and PARCS equipment
  • Secure payment through the Inugo app
  • Reduce admin time and manage all your parking from a single parking platform
  • Frictionless access and management of monthly contract parking

Benefits for Parkers:

  • Ticketless and cashless, easily pay for parking using your phone
  • A digital parking pass — no more long lines at pay stations
  • Open barriers and parking gates touch-free from the Inugo app

With this unique customer self-service model, you can manage transient and monthly parking from one cloud-based platform; all designed to reduce admin time, operational costs, and revenue leakage for the parking provider and a stress-free parking experience for the parker.

Parking Access Control Features

  • Open any parking gate from your smartphone
  • Quick and cost effective to install
  • No proximity cards, paper tickets or access codes
  • Cloud based portal for easy admin and parking information
  • Automated monthly contract parking

Choose the Best Provider

No matter what system you decide is most needed for your particular property, always go for a company with lengthy experience in the field and offers both installation and maintenance should you ever have any issues with your system. Access Professional Systems has been serving the access control industry since 1977, helping business owners and building managers find the right solutions for their properties with

At APS, our technology team designs a tailored access control system that meets all your access needs. We’re only one phone call away from helping you keep your premises secure, starting today!

We here at Access Professional Systems are happy to help! Give us a call at 853-223-9982 (CA) or 602-737-2081 (AZ) anytime.


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