The Benefits of Access Control Systems and How They Work


July 20, 2021

While we feel safe at home, we really should implement safeguards at our commercial or industrial properties. Crime is on the rise in the U.S., so if you do not have proper security measures in place, you will be presenting yourself as an easy target for criminals.  

Do you want to run that risk? Do you want to put everything you have worked so hard for in jeopardy?  

Probably not!  

That is why we have put this article together, to reveal all the benefits associated with access control systems and the areas of your business that you should consider.  


Complete control over who enters your property 

The main function of an access control system is to give you complete control over who can and cannot enter and when they can enter, which days of the week, and which hours of the day. This works wonders for private property ownersbusiness property ownerscommercial property owners, and even commercial tenants. It’s not uncommon for a business to win a deal that requires a particular level of security, especially those companies who commonly work with banks, governments, government contractors, etc.  

It’s better to sleep at night knowing any physical and digital assets are properly protected than to stumble on the unfortunate situation of having to clean up a “break-in.” This is a classic “better-safe-than-sorry” scenario. 

If you’re wondering where you could implement an access control system, here are a few examples: 

  • Office Space: front/main doors, server rooms, supply rooms, warehouse doors, warehouse lockers containing expensive materials 
  • Apartment Communities: entrance doors (if applicable), on the doors to your gym, pool, clubhouse, trash bins 
  • HOAs: as an add-on to your call box, on the doors to your gym, pool, or clubhouse, entrances to parking garages, or in elevators 
  • Marinas: on the pedestrian gate leading to boat slips 


Deter further crime  

As briefly discussed in the introduction, you will deter criminals from choosing your private property by having a building security system in place. They will notice that you have an access control system installed. They will think twice about targeting you because they will realize that you have invested in security and monitoring systems.  

After all, if you have an access control system in place, what else could you have set up?  

They will recognize that you are not an easy target, and thus your property will be less likely to attract criminals.


Last but not least, access control systems can easily be integrated with other security measures to offer additional protection. From CCTV to alarm systems, there are many other options available to you, and there is no such thing as too much protection. So, if you don’t have any other security measures in place, you may want to consider it.  

If you already have security systems installed, you can rest assured that an access system will integrate well and enhance overall safety by a considerable degree.  

When did you invest in your current building security system? If it was over a year ago, there’s a good chance that it will need to be updated or new versions or products are available, giving you added flexibility.  

Of course, upgrading or enhancing your existing access control system can be incredibly frustrating. You have already spent time and money securing your property, and you may have assumed that this was going to be a one-off expense.  

However, as is the case with any other form of technology, equipment needs updating to combat new and more sophisticated threats as time goes on. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the key signs that you need to upgrade your security system.

You do not have a 24-hour emergency service. 

One of the main benefits of an access control system is 24-hour emergency service, and at APS, we understand that issues can occur at any time, not just during business hours. If you’re looking into access control systems, make sure you are getting a tailored control system to meet all of your access needs.  

You do not get text message notifications and email notifications. 

Last but not least, when you consider the digital world we live in today, it is not hard to see why this point made a list. Nowadays, security systems are so advanced to the extent that you can use your phone to check whether you have locked your doors and turned on the alarm. The best security systems can be equipped with email and text confirmation, depending on the platform you prefer to use, and this will make sure you have peace of mind at all times. 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding as to whether your security system needs to be upgraded or not. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is call an access professional company to look at it. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry as no one wants their 2021 to include a break-in. 

Those are The Benefits of Access Control Systems and How They Work. APS is more than happy to help you with your upcoming project. Click the button below, and we’ll be in touch!