Video surveillance: 5 main trends in 2022


January 11, 2022

New year, new trends and security are a hot topic for 2022, especially for the imminent growth of the video camera surveillance system segment, whether residential or commercial. From the ever-increasing need for cybersecurity and the evolution of video analytics to the creation of the “safe city” system and the deeper integration of robotics and AI, video surveillance is certainly trending towards faster, smarter, and sharper means for keeping us safe.


Crypto-this, cyber-that. We’ve all heard the buzzy prefixes, but the buzz is justified, particularly with cybersecurity. The safety afforded by video surveillance starts with ensuring access control to those systems, and software developers continue to take more significant notice of areas for improvement. Cybersecurity is fast becoming even more scalable, applicable, and intelligent with tightening levels of encryption for networks.

A big development is an ability for admins to access that information from anywhere in the world now. 2022 will see more confidentiality protection and implementation of a decentralized network requiring a uniquely private and trusted access key. See? Even WE couldn’t talk about ‘cyber-that’ security without ‘crypto-this’ decentralization!

Body Cameras

Body cams are no new thing itself, but evidence of their effectiveness continues to support their wider usage, particularly among law enforcement. Recent studies show that complaints against those that wear body cameras have plummeted by 93%, with approximately half of all general-purpose law officers now wearing them and as much as 80% for larger policing departments. Violations are reduced, and behavior is kept far more in check than without, not to mention the benefit of added evidence collection. This development will no doubt extend far past the trends of 2022 as bodycam technologies are added to correctional behavior facilities, medical staff, and other population-facing segments.

SafeCity System Concepts

The idea of developing a “smart city” is spreading globally, which will no doubt necessitate advanced video surveillance systems to support the punctual management and prevention of crime. In these cities, urban services rely on optimizing information and communication technologies (ICT) to optimize their energy, utilities, transportation, and of course, safety. Video is an excellent method of capturing that information to enhance capabilities as these video surveillance cameras are installed around parks, commercial entrances, and even parking structures. Facial and license plate recognition systems are also top of the list for planned development. These will be configured into a single control system for an entire city, and we at Access Professional Systems can’t wait to see the advancement of this trend.

Robotics and AI in video surveillance

Some spaces and tasks will always carry heavy inherent risk and danger to humans, particularly when it comes to military security. Unmanned robotic devices and their attached surveillance cameras will continue to help keep personnel safe and relieve responsibilities of security service to better focus said personnel’s time and efforts where these robots haven’t yet developed the ability to navigate. The global AI-based surveillance and security market is estimated to reach US$4.46 billion by as early as 2023.

On a smaller scale, Businesses will use AI to gain a clearer understanding of customers and their habits. Paired with video analytics’ people-counting capabilities and thermal sensors, this tech can help with strategies of floorset designs to maximize sales decisions. Smart parking systems can be used to update real-time security tactics, and even healthcare monitoring can be revolutionized by integrating AI to care for patients that may be highly infectious.

Even more interesting is the idea of video cameras that will one day be able to “watch themselves.” This means that they will be able to communicate between themselves to ensure video security can never be breached!

Revolution in video analytics

It’s a software developer’s world, and we’re just reaping the benefits. But what exactly is video analytics, you ask? It is a security technology most commonly used to detect if a camera is picking up suspicious behavior in its field of view, which then alerts the system operator. It’s got many other great uses that make this a huge advent in commercial security systems, including crowd detection, motion and object tracking, and facial recognition. As the year goes on, we expect their accuracy to improve tenfold as its application explode!

The video surveillance industry grows and develops exponentially every year, with the video collection technologies deepening in scope and sophistication.  Video surveillance is used increasingly as a safety measure in all parts of our lives, with video analytics advancing to detect suspicious activity and facial recognition improving to identify people caught on video. Access Professional Systems looks forward with anticipation to see what 2022 will bring!

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